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I was tasked with creating Samuel Drake, both the young and older versions of him throughout the production of Uncharted 4, as well as numerous other assets. It was an honor to be a part of this project and to be tasked with creating Sam as he plays an important role in the narrative as Nathan Drakes' brother. 

We went through numerous changes and revisions as our Creative Director, Neil Druckmann, had a specific vision of what this character should look like. Down to his attire and what it says about him, to the influence his brief prison stint had on his personality. 

Sam was a culmination of the feedback and guidance I received from the entire team. From Lead Character Artist Frank Tzeng and Concept Artist Ashley Swidowsky who designed him, to the other Character Artists who would occasionally pass by my desk and suggest changes that in some small way has improved him: Soa Lee, Jaehoon Kim, Yibing Jiang, Adam Scott, Adam Skutt, (yeah, that got confusing to us too) Glauco Longhi, Corey Johnson, Byunghwa jung, Nancy Cantu, Erick Ortiz (THANKS, YOU GUYS ROCK!!) 

Also, the amazing work of the Rigging department Tyler Thornock, Wasim Khan, Hans Godard, Damon Shelton, Nathan Horne. This is a small handful of the folks I've interacted with during the production however, there were lots of other departments from Animation/Lighting/Programming that had a hand in bringing Sam and the other cast of characters to life.


while everyone's still crunching away at finishing up the game some more information has came out regarding Sam, Nathan Drakes brother and the character I've been tasked with taking through production. Thanks to everyone who worked on bringing Sam to life from Concept Artists to Animators/Riggers and Lighters! 

Check it out!


So...Last night was amazing! Its an absolute honor  for me to  have been chosen by the Zbrush community for The Film Art Of The Year award. I cant express how much this has invigorated me to continue sculpting and doing good work! 

In my nervous and impromptu acceptance speech last night i forgot to thank some very important folks that made this a reality, So this is my official thank you! I would like to thank the legend himself Jordu Schell who designed a maquette of the creature in clay which I then used as reference to re-create the digital model. When Jordu asked me to be a part of this project i was terrified and incredibly excited at the same time and i'm so glad i said yes! 

Also, a huge thank you to the  Director Ruairi Robinson for making an awesome teaser  and giving context to what would have just been another sculpt. 

Lastly, thanks to the entire Zbrush Community and the team at Pixologic for putting this together! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

Nominated For Zbrush's First Annual Award!

Wow! Guys, thank you so much! I had no expectations at all to be nominated for the sculpt that i did for "The Leviathan teaser" so its a huge honor to be chosen by the community, aswell as to be in the company of such awesome sculptors!

I cant wait to hear the announcement for the final winners, good luck to everyone, these are all really awesome!

Folds In Tris-Launched!!!

I'm proud to announce Folds In Tris! FITS clothing store offers quality assets which can be used by 3D Artist/ Concept Artist/ Game Studios/ Film Studios/ Commercial Houses to quickly create a cast of characters to populate their digital worlds.  Check it out and please share and like below as well as on Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram! Thanks for the support!!